For Candidates


Take some time and define your dream job. It will likely change over the course of your career life. Everyone spends so much time working you should be doing something you love. Once you’ve got that dream job defined, The Charis Group, may just have that position and wants to have you in mind when it comes along.

It is beneficial to you that we receive your resume, even though we may not have an exact fit with one of our client’s openings at the time. Then because you are in our system, if at any time we have that opportunity that your desires and background might be of interest, we will contact you to discuss further.

Candidates Services

We believe, at The Charis Group, that it should comfort our candidates and clients to know that over 90% of the candidates we place remain key contributors within our client’s organizations. As a candidate you will benefit from our knowledge of our clients, and the industry markets we serve and our superior recruitment methods. To grow successfully in your career we recognize that you need to be heard and that you desire to be appropriately challenged and energized in order to make a career change. Together we will decide if the opportunities we present to you are the right career opportunity that will lead you towards your career goals.

You, as a candidate, will benefit from our long term client relationships. This allows us to help you evaluate if the opportunities we have with our clients will truly be the right culture fit for you, and if the opportunity is truly superior to your current position. Once an opportunity is determined as worthy of pursuing we will help you prepare for the interviewing process, to give you the winning edge to land an offer!

Candidate Advantages

We maintain relationships with most of the top companies and those that are the up and coming growth companies, within our specialized fields. We care about helping you position yourself to attain your career dreams and goals. We spend time in conversation with you, listening to what is important to you in your career. We want to understand your career aspirations and what motivates you! We take time to listen.

We maintain your information with the strictest confidentiality. Your name will not be shared with our clients, other groups or distributed to mailing lists. We do not send out your resume without your permission. You will know about the company, the opportunity, and agree that it would be in step with your career goals before we introduce you to any of our clients. That is our promise!

The Charis Group is an executive search firm, not a personnel agency. For those who may not be familiar with the difference, this means that our clients are for whom we recruit candidates. They pay all the fees, and as a result, we never charge you, the candidate.

EVERYONE IS WORTH GETTING TO KNOW. The Charis Group is the recruiting industry leader in placing people on the right path to success.