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For Hiring Employers

One of the main reasons The Charis Group has been so successful is because of our industry expertise since 1997. We understand your hiring challenges you face and we are dedicated to uncovering and qualifying the best qualified candidates. With a data base of over 60K candidates we know who the top candidates are, we have built trusting relationships and know what theses candidates would consider for a career move. We are always getting to know the up and comers of the industry as well and follow them in their careers. They know and trust us and we know them! We are the experts who not only know top talent, but we know what it will take to get them!

Effective communication is a vital component of our success as is our unique recruiting process. We listen to what makes your company tick and to understand the unique challenges that face your hiring team. We spend time in conversation with you to learn about your culture, the personalities that encompass your company, your company’s growth path, and career growth opportunities for potential candidates and of course the “actual” expectations of the position. With this information we are able to attract and captivate the “passive” candidate, that you would have interest in, but are unable to attract on your own. We know how to best represent your opportunities to prospective candidates.

We are the trusted advisors to our clients and candidates.

If you are interested in discussing your current and/or future recruiting needs, please contact, Nancy Sheaffer, President, or call Nancy on her direct line 804.784.0987.