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Focusing across North America on the Recruiting Needs of the Occupational Industrial Health and Safety; Fire Department Safety/First Responder/EMS; Law Enforcement; Welding; Construction Safety and Tools; Cleanroom Control/Contamination Control; Specialty Tools & Fasteners; and Energy Exploration (pipe, valve, flow control and fittings), for the last 19 Years.

The Charis Group, LLC, we focus on both sides of the table. We are deeply involved in the industries we serve. We build long term relationships with clients and candidates. We do more than just match our clients and candidates with “a job opening” as we are not simply “a job recruiting” organization. Professional recruiting is more sophisticated than that! Our passion lies equally with clients and candidates.

We differentiate ourselves from other firms by digging deep… we listen to what makes your company tick and to understand the unique challenges that face your hiring team. The majority of the candidates we qualify are not actively looking for a new career move. We engage in lengthy discussions with candidates and listen to what is important to them in their career. We dive deep into what makes them tick and excites them and motivates them to be top in their career.

While a company’s desires for the candidate they are looking for might be what a candidate is also looking for, there is more. The candidate’s skill set and career success are important but that does not necessarily make a great fit with our client, nor does it guarantee long term employment for the candidate. Chemistry is vital in any relationship!

This is a MAJOR point in what sets us apart from all other recruiters. We spend the necessary time and LISTEN in our discussions with our clients and potential candidates. We engage in conversation with our clients on their culture, the personalities that encompass the company, the companies growth path, and career growth opportunities and of course the “actual” expectations of the position. With this information we are able to attract and captivate the “passive” candidate. That candidate that our clients would have interest in, but are unable to attract on their own.

We spend the necessary time with potential candidates and LISTEN to their career goals, what truly motivates them, the culture they work best in, their skill sets for success and how they have used these skills to achieve their accomplishments. We discuss and LISTEN to how they would like to enhance their career and what do they see as their next great career move.

Then the final step, which is another MAJOR point in what sets us apart from all other recruiters, is that we analysis and look at both our clients and the candidate’s goals and expectations, as they must both line up. This creates success for both, which equals longevity of employment. For our client’s that equals profits and for the candidates that equals career enhancement and excitement!