Aircraft, Rescue Firfighters aboard Marine Corps Air Station Miramar fight blazing fires during a controlled burn at the burn pit here. ARFF performed controlled burns June 13-14, they perform these burns about four times a year.

Industries Specialized

The primary focus for The Charis Group is people. The hiring of specialized talent is the single most important challenge facing the decision-makers of any organization on a continuing basis. We devote significant time in learning about you, your company, and your specific needs. Clear communication is vital!

Companies that use other sources for recruitment with social media being a major one, often find they are inundated with an avalanche of under-qualified and unscreened applicants and candidates; waste time on inappropriate interviews; and, lose money on inappropriate hires. This is a burden to any organization that leads to unnecessary employee attrition and enormous cost that drops negatively right to the bottom-line.

We don’t just submit resumes – we spend hours in discussions with potential qualified candidates to gather and provide information that may not necessarily be apparent on their resume. Our innovative programs and strategies are designed to set new standards for speed, accuracy and reliability.

We offer three search services. Our highest level and when urgency is at the highest is our Retained Search when there is a need for a hire in four weeks; the second level, and a very popular search is our Preferred Search, which is used when there is urgency for a hire within six weeks; and our third service is our Contingent Search when there isn’t as great of an urgency and you plan to use other sources as well. We provide for our clients all the necessary information on presented candidates which will impact the interview itself. The information we provide on candidates differs when working with clients on a Retainer, Preferred Search, or on a Contingent Search.

If you are interested in discussing your current and/or future recruiting needs, please contact, Nancy Sheaffer, President, or call Nancy on her direct line 804.784.0987.